Master Data replication using Service Layer in Intercompany Solution

Master Data replication using Service Layer in Intercompany Solution

This feature allows you to enable master data replication using the service layer.

SAP Business One Service Layer is a new generation of extension API for consuming SAP Business One data and services. It builds on core protocols such as HTTP and OData, and provides a uniform way to expose full-featured business objects on top of a highly scalable and high-availability Web server.

The following SAP Business One Objects are supported for the replication using Service Layer:

  1. Bank Charges Allocation Codes
  2. Banks
  3. Bill of Materials
  4. BP Priority
  5. BP Properties
  6. Business Partner
  7. Business Partner Group
  8. Cash Discount
  9. Chart Of Accounts
  10. CNAE Code
  11. Commission Group
  12. Contract Templates
  13. Cost Center Type
  14. Countries
  15. Credit Card
  16. Currency
  17. Customer Equipment Cards
  18. Customs Groups
  19. Dimensions
  20. Distribution Rules
  21. DNF Code
  22. Document Type
  23. Dunning Terms
  24. E-Mail Group
  25. Factoring Indicators
  26. Freight
  27. Holidays
  28. House Bank Account
  29. Industry
  30. Instructions
  31. Item Group
  32. Item Properties
  33. Items
  34. Languages
  35. Length Measures
  36. Manufacturer
  37. Material Group
  38. NCM Code
  39. Occurrence
  40. Order Interval
  41. Package Types
  42. Payment Blocks
  43. Payment Terms
  44. Portfolio
  45. Price Lists
  46. Profit Center
  47. Project
  48. SAC Code
  49. Sales Person
  50. Service Contracts
  51. Service Group
  52. Shipping Type
  53. Unit Of Measurements
  54. User Groups
  55. Users
  56. Weight Measures


Before you enable the feature of Replication Methods for Service Layer, ensure the following:

1.  You have installed Service Layer. For more information, see Installing the Service Layer chapter in the SAP Business One Administrator’s Guides (version for SQL and version for SAP HANA).

2.     You have configured valid Service Layer registration in the System Landscape Directory (SLD) for all companies configured in the Intercompany Landscape.

3.     Ensure that B1 service layer connection, with distinct port value for each of the participant companies, is successful before configuring the data replication method.      

4.    In case you encounter the issue "B1i B1 ServiceLayer Test Connection fails with HTTP 400" in B1SL connection via the service layer in B1 Integration Framework (B1i) SP2311 (Version 1.22.53). Please refer to the SAP Note 3416244 and apply the hotfix.

                  5.    You must deploy the Intercompany Solution after performing the above-mentioned points.

·         To deploy the solution, go to Intercompany Administration Console then Setup and landscape.

·         Click on Deploy button to deploy the solution. 


Enabling the Master Data Replication using Service Layer:

To enable the master data replication using service layer, follow the steps below:

1.       In the top menu bar of the Administration Console, choose the Setup option.

2.     In the left frame, choose the Replication Method option.

The Configuration Replication Method window is displayed. 

      3.     choose the (…) (Browse) button in the SLD Category field.
      4.     In the Configuration Replication Method table, in the column Use Service Layer field, select the checkbox for the Business One Object which you would like to replicate the structure.

·         Choose the Select All button to select all the checkboxes.

·         Choose the Deselect All button to deselect all the checkboxes.

5.     Choose the Save button to save the information.


If any of the above objects is not marked to replicate using SAP Service Layer, then it is by default replicating using SAP B1 DI API.

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