Shipment Mapping of Shopify in the Integration Hub

Shipment Mapping of Shopify in the Integration Hub

The shipping methods which are available in Shopify need to be mapped with the shipping types in SAP Business One. Shipment mapping is used to integrate the shipping method in transactions.

You can map Shopify shipping methods on the  Shipment Mapping   tab in the  Shopify  window in SAP Business One. 

The Shipment Mapping tab in the Shopify window contains the following fields:‚Äč
Field Name
SAP Business One Shipping Types
Displays the list of shipping types in SAP Business One.
Mapped to Shopify Shipping Method
Manually enter the shipment method details supported by Shopify.
The shipping method mapped is used for updating the tracking and shipment details in Shopify and SAP Business One.
The  Refresh button will pull the shipping type from Shopify.

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