Account Classification Setup Tool of Intercompany Solution

Account Classification Setup Tool of Intercompany Solution

Enables you to map a G/L account to the account classifications defined in the system. This tool updates the Intercompany Account Classification by Balance Sheet and Account Classification by Profit & Loss Setup windows.

To display the Account Classification Setup Tool window, choose Administration → Intercompany Tools → Account Classification Setup Tool.

Account Classification Setup Tool Window



Account Classification

Select the required account classification, either Balance Sheet or Profit & Loss.

Excel File Path

Specify the path of the account classification template file.

Prepare Template

Choose this button to prepare a Microsoft Excel based template.


Choose this button to have the application check the correctness and completeness of the data in the selected template.


Choose this button to import an account classification template file.


Choose this button to close the Account Classification Setup Tool window.

Use the following steps to import data using the account classification setup tool:

  1. Select an account classification option from the Account Classification dropdown list.
  2. Choose the Prepare Template button to generate the Microsoft Excel-based template.
  3. Open the template and define the Account Code field for each Account Type. Choose the Save button to save the template.
The account code must be set up as an all currencies account in the chart of accounts to support multi-currency transactions.
 Do not alter the template or delete or modify records in any column other than the Account Code column.

d. Choose the Browse button to navigate to the template path.

      e. Choose the Validate button to check the correctness and completeness of the data in the selected template. If any errors are detected, they are displayed in the error column of the template. Rectify all errors and validate the template again.
      f. Choose the Upload button to import the data.
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