Setting up the Intercompany Landscape

Setting up the Intercompany Landscape

The Intercompany Integration solution supports the Multiple landscape environment after upgrading the solution to B1if 2.0. For details on upgrade, refer to 

To set up the Intercompany Landscape, in the Administration Console, in the top menu bar, choose the Setup option. In the left frame, choose the Landscape option.

To use the Financial Consolidation feature of the intercompany integration solution for SAP Business One, you must create a new SAP Business One company for consolidation reporting. Based on the number of levels in your reporting hierarchy, you must create an equal number of SAP Business One companies for multi-level consolidation reporting.

Before accessing the Intercompany landscape page in the Administration Console, ensure that the local and system currency have been configured correctly in all intercompany databases including Consolidation Company.

Intercompany Integration solution supports the Multiple landscape environment after upgrading the solution to B1if 2.0.
The application may take some time to display the list of SAP Business One companies.

On the Intercompany Landscape page, in the Company Registration table, 
the Summary_View area displays a summary of the company’s setup in the Intercompany Landscape.
On the Intercompany Landscape page, in the Company Registration table, in the Info field, the following icons are displayed to indicate the company type:

   Head Office 
 Consolidation Hierarchy Chart 
 Company details have been modified; solution deployment is still pending
    Template Company

In the Company Registration table, note the following:
The Localization field displays a hyphen (-) for systems in which the Intercompany add-on is not installed.
  1. Choose the Deployment Status icon to display the deployment status of the intercompany integration solution. 
  2. Choose the Consolidation Hierarchy Chart icon to display the consolidation hierarchy chart.  
To set up the Intercompany Landscape, follow the steps below:
  1. On the Intercompany Landscape page, in the Company Registration table, in the Action column, select the checkbox next the systems that you want to register in the intercompany integration solution.
  2. Choose the: 
  1. Refresh Companies button to refresh all selected companies’ details. You must always choose the refresh companies button at least once in fresh as well as after upgrading intercompany solution.
  2. Select All button to select all systems. 
  3. Deselect All button to deselect all systems.
      To remove (deactivate) a company configured in the intercompany integration solution, deselect the checkbox in the Action field next to the relevant system. In case there is a change in Local Currency or System Currency for any participating branch company, choose the Refresh Companies button to refresh all companies’ details.
Once a company is removed from the intercompany integration solution, it cannot be added again. The checkbox in the Active field next to the relevant System Name field will be disabled for deactivated companies.  

For each system you have selected, in the Action field, choose the (…) (Browse) button.
Start with the higher level of Consolidation Company.

In the Company Details area of the window, enter the following details: 

Choose the Refresh Company button to refresh the company details. 
The following fields are displayed in the Company Details area:
Field Name
IC Branch Code
IC Branch code is a unique code allocated to each branch or consolidation company. Enter the IC branch code allocated to the branch or consolidation company. Ensure that this code does not contain any spaces or special characters, except for a hyphen (-) or an underscore (_), and it does not start with numeric character.
Company Template
Choose the (…) (Browse) button. From the dropdown list, choose a company template. The default or general company template for the localization is prepopulated in their field. 
Company Type
Choose the (…) (Browse) button. From the dropdown list, choose a company type. Select an company type for the company from the following options: Head Office, BranchConsolidation or Template
You must define at least one head office company and one branch company. If you plan to use the Financial Consolidation module, you need to define a consolidation company. 
This setting is required for the Service module. Select an operation type for the company from the following options: Sales, Service, or Sales and Service. Contract templates, customer equipment card, and service contracts are replicated from sales companies to service companies.
Consolidation Details:
Consolidation Company
Display the list of consolidation companies defined in the landscape. 
Consolidation Source
This field indicates whether the financial data for consolidation is to be retrieved in the system currency or the company’s local currency. Choose the (…) (Browse) button, and from the dropdown list, choose either the System Currency or Consolidation Currency option. If you choose the System Currency option, the system assumes that the system currency is the same as the consolidation currency.
Consolidation Percentage
This field indicates the percentage of shares that the organization holds in the company. Enter a percentage to indicate how much of each account for this company should be included in the consolidation. 
  1. Do not enter the percent sign (%). For example, if the consolidation percentage is 50 percent, enter 50.
  2. For a Branch company, total consolidation % for all consolidation companies should not be greater than 100.

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