Configurations in SAP Business One after installing Intercompany

Configurations in SAP Business One after installing Intercompany

This section describes the activities you are required to perform immediately after installing the intercompany integration solution for SAP Business One, including the following:
Configurations in SAP Business One
Setting up the intercompany integration solution

Configurations in SAP Business One

You must perform several initialization steps in each branch company assigned to the intercompany integration solution. The Intercompany Initialization Wizard will guide you through the steps required to initialize a company for the intercompany integration solution. For steps related to SAP Business One settings, the wizard opens the relevant windows in SAP Business One and highlights the pertinent fields in green. 

To display this wizard, choose Administration → Intercompany Implementation Wizard → Intercompany Initialization Wizard. Follow the steps on the screen. 

To open the online help documentation for intercompany integration solution at any step, press shift + Esc.

Alternatively, you may complete the initialization set up manually in SAP Business One by completing the following steps:  
  1. Set the same number of decimal place settings for all branch companies by choosing Administration → System Initialization → General Settings → Display tab.
  2. Set the paths for the Pictures and Attachments folders by choosing Administration → System Initialization → General Settings → Path tab.
  3. Check that the Manage Freight in Documents checkbox is enabled by choosing Administration → System Initialization → Document Settings → General tab.
  4. Define the same set of currencies in each branch and consolidation company. Ensure that each Currency Code is correct and unique. 
  5. Define the encryption key by choosing Administration → Setup → Intercompany → Encryption Key. The encryption key is used to encrypt passwords recorded by the integration solutions add-on.
  6. Enter the connection details for the integration server for SAP Business One by choosing Administration → Setup → Intercompany → B1i Server Details

Alternatively, you can use the Copy Initialization Setup available in Intercompany Administration Console for performing the initialization setup in all companies. For more details, refer the Copy Initialization Knowledge Article.

Setting Up the Intercompany Integration Solution

Set up the intercompany integration solution by using the Intercompany Administration Console web application, which can be accessed on the machine on which the Integration Solutions Installer are installed. The Intercompany Administration Console is powered by the SAP Integration Framework 2.0 (B1if) and uses the user administration and authentication of B1if.
You must access the Administration Console using web browser as mentioned in the SAP Note 2137844 (the GUI is improved for the Intercompany Administration Console/ Web browser requirements).

To set up the intercompany integration solution follow the steps described in the following chapters:

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